hiro-shugo’s diary


short story "TIME SLIP" (小説)




It was supposed to be the same day as yesterday.

But Kenta's journey to the strange world began when he fell from the stairs of my school in the morning.

He hit his back so hard so couldn't move but to groan.


Suffered in a pain for a few minutes and finally he could get up and look around.

Then he thought...

"Where am I?"

He was at the totally unknown street that I have no idea where he was.

Kenta said to himself,

"I was at the school this morning..."

He looked around trying to remember what happened to him.

I was at the school, fell from the stairs, then I am here.

Nothing made sence to him.

He tried not to panic and tried to think how to handle this weird situation, but only he could think was to ask locals around here.

He found that the man was walking towards to him, so he decided to ask him where he was at.

"Hi. Can I ask you where I am now?

I'm kind a lost."

"Oh, this is Kureta City."


He couldn't understand what the man said.

He actually lived in Ku reta, and this place couldn't be it.

"Oh, ah..., thanks anyway."

Kenta started running as if he was running away from the man.

He heard the man said something but he didn't turn around.

"I don't understand this"

Then he found something and stopped.

"I know this store...

But it scared him even more.

Something was definitely going wrong.

Where he was standing was right in front of book store.

"But it closed five years ago..."

Kenta walked into the store and picked up a newspaper that was on the shelf.

"April 9th in 2005? But it can't be..." 

It was exactly ten years ago.

And he never forgot this day.

It was the day, the girl who used to be friend had killed in car accident.

He started to recall the memories of that day, and he just said,

"Oh, my load..."

He saw the boy who was walking with the girl.

The boy was Kenta of ten years ago, and the girl he had never forgot.

Suddenly, Kenta heard car horn.

The girl's face was filled with horror.

Withought even thinking that he might be killed, he ran in front of the car to protect the girl.

Car horn, crushing, and screaming.

Kenta didn't feel any pain.

He closed his eyes and everything went black right before he crushed on the ground.

When he opened his eyes, he was at the hospital.

"Was I dreaming?"

His head and every single part of the body hurt as he tried to get up.

Then he suddenly heard the voice from behind the curtains.

"Are you there?"

"I'm not gonna believe this..."

There was the girl who was killed ten years ago.

The girl he wanted to save that day.

She  was grown up, and looked same age as Kenta.

"It wasn't a dream.."


"I just came back from time travel."

She was smilling in the sunshine.

"Really? Where have you been then?"

Well, he saved her life.

It was clear that she didn't belive him, so he just smilled to her and said nothing.

Kenta was just pleased to be with the girl in the sunshine, smilling to each other.